Quatro X



Quatro DX Detergent/Disinfectant: is a phosphate free concentrated detergent/disinfectant which provides effective cleaning, deodorizing, disinfection and sanitization. Body Life Quatro DX Detergent/Disinfectant has been designed specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food processing plants and other institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination.
In addition, Body Life Quatro DX Detergent/ Disinfectant deodorizes those areas which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage storage area, empty garbage bins and cans, toilet bowls and any other area which are prone to odours caused by microorganisms.


Quatro DX

Disinfects hard inanimate surfaces such as walls, floors, table tops.

Control mold and mildew on hard non-porous surfaces such as fioors, walls, table tops.

Sanitizes previously cleaned and rinsed non-porous food contact surfaces.

At this level the product is also fungicidal against
Pathogenic fungi, Trichophyton mentagrophytes
(Athlete's Foot Fungus).


The product exhibits effective virucidal activity against Infiuenza A2/Asian (representative of the common fiu virus). Herpes simplex (causative agent of fever blisters and mononucleosis). Adeno virus type 2 (causative agent of upper respiratory infections), and Vaccinia virus (representative of the pox virus group).
Efficacy Tests Have Demonstrated That Body Life Quatro Dx Detergent/disinfectant Is An Effective Bactericide, Virucide And Fungicide In The Presence Of Organic Soil (5% Blood Serum).
Kills Hiv On Pre-cleaned Environmental Surfaces/objects Previously Soiled With Blood/body Fluids in health care settings (Hospitals, Nursing Homes) or other settings which there is an expected likelihood of soiling in inanimate surfaces/ objects with blood or body fluids, and in which the surfaces/objects likely to be soiled with blood or body fiuids can be associated with the potential for transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1).